harvesting Pandanus for mats, Madagascar (copyright Julia Jones) girl selling endemic freshwater crayfish in Madagascar (copyright Julia Jones) bamboo harvested for baskets in Madagascar (copyright Neal Hockley) Sifaka killed for bushmeat in Madagascar (copyright Madagasikara Voakajy)

Exploitation of harvested resources

Wild species are harvested throughout the world for recreation, subsistence use and trade. Such harvests include the highly emotive (such as the hunting of threatened primates to supply urban markets) and the less contraversial (such as subsistence use of common plants used for weaving).

I am interessted in the relationship between the dynamics of harvested species and human populations. I have worked on the sustainability of non timber forest product harvesting (with Vokatry ny Ala), methods of assessing sustainability, and institutions which manage harvests. I have a three year project on bushmeat harvesting in Madagascar carried out in association with Madagasikara Voakajy and funded by the Darwin Initiative. See here for the press release, and here and here for more recent coverage.

A recent paper from this project looking at the drivers of bushmeat hunting in Madagascar (published in PLOS ONE) has been covered by the BBC, New York Times, Daily Mail, Science Magasine AAAS, Mongabay, Arkive, PLOS blog, and the French language blog Slate Africa.