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Death Adder (Acanthophis sp.) - © Wolfgang Wüster

The following are links to sites with information specifically on venomous snakes, or at least with a large venomous snake component. In keeping with the theme of these page, I have restricted the listings to sites focused on natural history, systematics, snakebite and venom, and have not provided links to the many herpetoculture-centered sites all over the net. Suggestions for other suitable sites and notifications of non-functional links are gratefully received.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way responsible for the contents of sites linked to from this page - surf at your own risk.

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New Books

This section will provide links to new books likely to be of special interest to those interested in venomous reptiles. Listing here does not necessarily imply endorsement, not does absence of listing for other potential books of itnerest imply criticism. The owner of this web page has no financial stake in any book listed here. To suggest other new book links for inclusion, email me (remove x from address)

Venomous Snakes

Venom, Snakebite and Antivenoms

Regional Herpetofaunas

The following are sites with photos or species lists for specific regions, states or countries. Sites specifically about venomous species are listed under Venomous Snakes above. The regional herp sites are listed here for the benefit of those attempting to identify reptiles seen there, or those preparing for a visit to these regions.

Societies, Journals, Meetings


UK-specific herp sites

General information, bibliographies, etc.

Herpetological Papers online
Free libraries of scientific herpetological papers, by institutions or individuals, downloadable as PDF files. NOTE: this site accepts no responsibility for any breaches of copyright perpetrated either by those making these publications available online, or by those downloading and using them. Adherence to relevant legislation is the responsibility of webmasters and users. Additional links gratefully received
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Other Systematics Resources

The following are some resources which may be of use to those unfamiliar with the complexities of modern systematics.

The Nomenclature Section of the BIOSIS resources page contains a vast number of links on nomenclature, as well as links to many other zoological resources.

Naming names - a one-page summary on naming new species.

University of California Berkeley - Introduction to Phylogeny - includes a glossary of terms used in phylogenetic systematics.

Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature  and Arnold Menke's Funny and Curious Zoological Names - the names say it all - for those who want a less serious look at the topic! In the same vein, check also the lower parts of Doug Yanega's page.

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