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Richard Orange - Big Orange Sun
Product Description: Music CD
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[Sound bites:]
Mental dentist
All the way to China (Hole in my heart).
Fall off the world (Mimi's song).
Absolutely positively.
Big orange sun.
Ballad of Captain Morgan
Corduroy (Vivian's song)
Someday darkness
Subterranean sea

Bonus tracks:

Yuppie Pie/No.5
Girls dance with girls.

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quote - subterranean sea

back cover

Big Orange Sun By Richard Orange was produced by: James Lott & Richard Orange / Recorded & Engineered by:
James Lott @ Sun Studio, Memphis, TN / Additional Engineering by: Mark Wilkins & Mimi Orange / Art Direction & Design by: Mark Wilkins, Richard Orange & Nancy Apple / All Music & Lyrics by R. Orange Except: "Big Orange Sun" & "Subterranean Sea" Music by R. Orange & J. Lott - "Corduroy" music written by R. Orange, D. Mayo, & S. Mergen - "Girls Dance With Girls" by R. Orange & G. McDanial - "Mental Dentist" by R. Orange, D. Smith, P. Sully & J. Lott

Published by Orange Pop Shop Songs Ltd. (BMI)
and Dick James Music Publishing Ltd.

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