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Zuider Zee

  1. Listen to the words
  2. Rubber man
  3. The last song of it's kind
  4. Zeebra
  5. You're not Thinking
  6. Haunter of the darkness
  7. She Swing
  8. Thank you
  9. The Breaks
  10. Magic fingers
  11. All That is

zuider zee


Big Orange Sun previews

All the way to China
(Hole in my heart).
Ballad of Captain Morgan
Girls dance with girls.
Big orange sun.
Fall off the world (Mimi's song).
Absolutely positively.

DVD Cover

Audio & Video treats

Check out these Ruff demo tracks

  1. Bedroom Fire
  2. I will stand for you
  3. Out of time

Help set the Zuider Zee music free! Send a Re-issue request to Sony Music via their website.

"I've been enjoying Richard's music since the first time I heard Zuider Zee on FM 100 in Memphis, TN years ago. The only question is when next we will hear from this musical genius!" -Bill North carolina, USA

DVD Press kit video

Bedroom Fire (live at the Sunset Bar & Grill)

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Zuider Zee

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Richard Orange

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The Supernatural EP is available via Amazon featuring:
Long distance Love, Supernatural & Fold Out Girl + 3 more tracks!

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