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Mental dentist

All the way to China
(Hole in my heart).

Fall off the world (Mimi's song).

Absolutely positively.

Big orange sun.

Ballad of Captain Morgan.

Corduroy (Vivian's song)

Someday darkness

Subterranean Sea

Bonus tracks:

Yuppie Pie/No.5


Girls dance with girls.

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Big Orange Sun (2005)

From the very start of this CD you know that you will be listening to something a bit different.The vibrance of the music gives you the feeling that you're at a live venue and when the band 'Come on stage' and instantly break into the crazy sounds of "Mental dentist " you're left feeling breathless after just one track! it's an instant hit that'll leave you in eager anticipation for what's to come.

The tongue in cheek lyrics on tracks such as Mental dentist do not mean that the band are not serious about their music. The instruments played are all played with great skill and invention with a scattering of every day sounds, most noticeably on Yuppie Pie/No.5

The music varies from the rock and roll inspired Mental dentist to the more modern sound of Fall off the world (my personal favourite). This conspires to take you on a wonderful musical journey, a journey missing from many modern pop bands.

The boys manage to cross-pollinate a beatlesque tunefullness with something that is Richard Orange
and I for one, just can't stop playing it.

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Marc Duggan

Visit the place where the CD was put together
The legendary Sun Studios


spending the night 'neath the big orange sun it burns me, burns real bad, taking a bath 'neath the big orange sun, it cleans me, purely

Richard Orange: Big Orange Sun

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