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Richard Orange & the band
Richard Orange

From the very start of this CD you know that you will be listening to something a bit different.The vibrance of the music gives you the feeling that you're at a live venue and when the band 'Come on stage' and instantly break into the crazy sounds of "Mental dentist " you're left feeling breathless after just one track! t's an instant hit that'll leave you in eager anticipation for what's to come. [More]

Zuider Zee
Hole in my heart
Throw me a lifeline
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Richard Orange & the Eggmen

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I've added all the Zuider Zee tracks now, check out the download page, and listen whilst you browse using the inbuilt player.

Supernatural EP now available via Amazon

"This might be the kind of sound John Lennon would have done with today's technology, had he not been so rudely and abruptly taken from the world." [More]

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Richard Orange: Big Orange Sun

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Drew Tichnel - Unfolding
Available from Amazon

Songwriter Richard Orange teams up with Texas artist Drew Tichnell. Read more about the Drew and Richard partnership at [More]

All the Way to China (Hole in my heart)
As made famous by Cyndi Lauper

View Cyndi's performance here

Hole in my heart (all the way to China)

The fabulous song which is 'Hole in my Heart (all The Way to China)' began life in the bathtub of Mr. Orange, essentially, thinking of childhood imagery of how, if one began digging a hole in the U.S., hypothetically, one would come out on the other side in China.

Richard & Cyndi spent time writing the track 'Paper Heart' whilst staying at the Mayflower hotel accross from John Lennon's "Strawberry Fields" on CentralPark West.


Orange News:

01-03-2011: American Music Masters.Com have chosen Richard as their Artist of the Month March 2011


21-03-11: Just for Fun: Mental Dentist the comic book video is now on Youtube

2009: Richard's song 'Absolutely Positively was nominated by 'Just Plain' in the best Rock Song category for 2009.

rss logo Many of you have had a chance to hear Richard's CD and enjoy it as much as I do. "THANK YOU TO ALL THE FANS THAT CAME OUT TO SUPPORT RICHARD AT SUNSET BAR AND GRILL, 5800 S. LEWIS, TULSA, OK during 2008.

Have you viewed the fabulous promotional video yet? Richard put together a promotional DVD for the "Big Orange Sun" release. [Available from the revamped download page], or view the fun snippett of the video on YouTube above.

28-04-2006: Lazlo's Den did a feature on Richard Orange. What is Lazlo's Den you might ask? "When it comes right down to it, Lazlo's Den is a free form radio show, the way commerical radio used to be, the way it should still be, but sadly isn't"

17-08-2006: Review on
Having been at least somewhere on the scene, for no less than thirty years or so, it’s strange for a Beatlemaniacal fan (which is a category I count myself in) not to have heard about Mr.Orange. Anyway, I guess it’s better whenever than never...[More]

2006-09-05: Read the review at "Big Orange Sun, a big and round and juicy kind of record that's good for you, and good to you, too."

01-06-05: Richard has been added to the playlist on RadiofreeTexas Check them out and request his music:)

Richard is also continuing pre-production work for his next solo album tentatively titled, "The Lost Art of Love".


A big, juicy Beatleoid, Orange wears his pulp on his sleeve, serving up slices of sweet pop bliss, seemingly effortlessly, but we all know that if it were that easy, we'd all be named Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr. But Orange is more than a Beatles guy; he's a fan and practitioner of catchy music, and this he doles out handily and with great pleasure.

Orange can sound like a pumped-full-of-sugar-and-salt McCartney grinding out "Monkberry Moon Delight" as if his life depended on it, as he does on the opener, "Mental Dentist," and the old time rock 'n' roll love song "Absolutely Positively," on which he manages to ape Macca's vocal technique on the first line of the verses from Press to Play's "Angry." Orange can also sound tender on the Lennonesque "Fall Off the World (Mimi's Song)," which sports a delectable chorus that really sings. - Alan Haber (2005)


It's Raining blimmin Oranges again! say:
Critically acclaimed; the leader manages to sound like both John AND Paul!

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Click to hear streaming power pop music 24 hours a day!Former Net Radio site PowerPopRadio had this to say about Richard: I loved 'Big Orange Sun'! This CD rocks! There's something for everyone.....rockin', fun & funky, romantic, provocative.....great music. Posted By Dee Dee. Thanks Dee Dee:)

"Can you hear me wherever you are I'm just trying to get a message through. This is important, It comes from my heart, and I really need to hear from you" - Richard Orange

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