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Reviews, interviews (2006)
Having been at least somewhere on the scene, for no less than thirty years or so, it’s strange for a Beatlemaniacal fan (which is a category I count myself in) not to have heard about Mr.Orange. Anyway, I guess it’s better whenever than never, so here I am, tasting the “Orange” for the first time.[More]

Some of you may remember Zuider Zee and their classic self titled 1975 album released on CBS? If not, I suggest picking up copy post haste! Heavily influenced by Paul McCartney & Wings and Badfinger, Zuider Zee were not from England, nor were they Dutch, but formed out of the Deep South, Louisiana to be more specific. [More] (2003)
This might be the kind of sound John Lennon would have done with today's technology, had he not been so rudely and abruptly taken from the world. [More]

Gods of music (2002)
"Mental Dentist" rocks!This upbeat pop song is filled with energy, humor, melody, great songwriting, and a great performance. [More]

The Memphis music landscape hasn't had an eccentric the likes of Richard Orange since, well, that last British-pop-inspired madman, Alex Chilton. The differences: Orange isn't concerned with being difficult, and he has Beatlemania so bad the John Lennon estate should start paying him royalties. [More]

RICHARD ORANGE & THE EGGMEN - Illinois Entertainers (2000)
Richard Orange & The Eggmen
About a third of the songs on this painstakingly produced album pay an homage to the psychedelic-era Beatles so overt that some Fab Four loyalists will want Richard Orange arrested for trespassing. The trippy overdubs and doctored tapes, the orchestras and exotic..[More]

Illinois Entertainer: The Best of 2000

Richard's appearance at
"The World Famous Poplar Lounge" on Poplar ave. in Memphis at the end of last
year was described as "inspiring for the songwriters" and: "his participation greatly
contributed to making Showcase '99 a huge success".

Richard is in the Top 10.
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