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Zuider Zee
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Listen to the Words.
Rubber man*
The Last Song of Its Kind.
You're Not Thinking.
Haunter of the Darkness
Thank You
The Breaks
.Magic Fingers.
All it is.**

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curtis.gif - 1724 BytesI first became interested in Zuider Zee in 1976 because of lead singer Richard Orange's remarkable ability to both write and sing like Paul McCartney at his best. Not that Zuider Zee was a rehash of the Beatles: far from it. Richard had his own musical vision that was the most fully expressed in the songs "Listen to the Words," perhaps one of the greatest songs to never hit the top 40, "You're Not Thinking," a tune which would have been completely at home on McCartney's Band on the Run LP, and "Thank You," a song with a melody so infectious it would make even Jerry Falwell smile. Under Richard's direction Zuider Zee did what few bands in the 70's managed to do: produce wonderfully melodious music that drew from the best of its antecedents while still breaking new ground. In the 24 years since Zuider Zee Richard's musical growth has been phenomenal. He continues to produce stunningly original compositions including "All the Way to China," a song he wrote for Cindy Lauper, a new version of which is included on his new cd 'Big Orange Sun'. Incidentally the song "Beatlesque," which is on the cd, should be a clue as to the influences on Richard's music. I think what amazes me about Richard is that he seems incapable of writing a bad song: they are all musically and lyrically intriguing and incisive, as well as deeply personal. 24 years after Zuider Zee not only is the song writing ability still there but so is the voice which, if anything, has gotten more expressive and powerful. Richard Orange is a man of exceptional musical talent and passion. Thankfully for us he has chosen to share that talent on a new cd. When you get the chance, buy a copy: you won't regret it.
Jimmy Curtis

"Bouncey, Bouncey bouncing off the wall. Bouncey, Bouncey like the human ball. Rubber men soft as rabbit fur when knocked down bounce back to where they were."
- Rubber men by Richard Orange.

All songs written by Richard Orange except * by Richard Orange/Robert Hall and
** by Richard Orange/John Bonar/Robert Hall/Kim Foreman


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Thanks to Jimmy Curtis & Reno Faoro, without who I couldn't have made this page complete.

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