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Richard Orange began his career as front man with the band Zuider Zee. Zee were formed in 1974. The band quickly developed a devoted following and landed a recording contract with Columbia Records. As these pictures show times, they are a changing.

Several years ago when Zee were playing local clubs, it was quite obvious that lead singer-guitarist Richard Orange, who has a tremendous perspective for rock and roll, was it's creative focal point. So when a new band with Orange in it began appearing recently, it was assumed that it was a situation of "Richard Orange and some backup musicians." - Zee gives much more music than was expected. By Walter Dawson (1979)

Richard and Zee.

Zuider Zee disbanded in 1976.
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The group plays a music that is touched with new wave phrasing yet has several other prominent roots, including Memphis soul and English Harmony. In fact, to call it a new wave is actually somewhat misleading.

The original line up was:
left to right : John Bonar,
Richard Orange,
Robert Hall and Kim Foreman.

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