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Prof Ludmila Kuncheva
School of Computer Science, Bangor University
Dean Street, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 1UT, UNITED KINGDOM

Telephone: +44 1248 383661
Fax: +44 1248 361429
E-mail: l.i.kuncheva at

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Fellow of IAPR
Feature article in IAPR's Newsletter, January 2015

Reviewing Revolution!!! - A personal opinion

Project: "Prototype Selection from Streaming, Drifting and Partly Labelled Data Using Classifier Ensembles" sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust (RPG_2015_188).


My research has always gravitated towards pattern recognition and classification. I have dabbled in almost all aspects of the classical paradigm: feature selection, classification, clustering, data editing, etc. I have a soft spot for multiple classifier systems (classifier ensembles), specifically ensemble diversity.

Combining Pattern Classifiers. Methods and Algorithms, Wiley, second edition, 2014. Fuzzy Classifier Design, Springer, 2000.

ISBN: 978-1-118-31523-1
384 pages
October 2014
Combination methods

First Edition, 2004
Editorial Reviews

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A First Course in Mathematics for Computing, 2014. A MATLAB Exercise Book, 2014.

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