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Manx Fish Producers' Organisation

The Manx Fish Producers' Organisation was created out of the old Isle of Man Fishermen's Association in order to manage fish quotas. The fishermen felt the need to become involved in this area of fisheries management so that they were not forced to rely on non-quota fisheries. This has worked out quite well and the organisation has now purchased fish quotas for most Irish Sea species. Though the prevalence in the fleet is still to fish for scallops and queen scallops, neither of which have a Total Allowable Catch (TAC), over the last few years some of the vessels have turned to quota species such as Nephrops and cod when marketing problems for pectinids have existed. 


The organisation is run in Peel, Isle of Man, and is financed through levy from fishing vessels, chandlery sales and harbour side fuel pump deliveries. Currently, we have 24 vessels on our books. The Manx Fish Producers' Organisation also represents fishermen when dealing with DAFF and collaborates with other government departments on all maritime topics.




Frank Horne


Chief Executive:

Thomas Bryan-Brown



Trisha Kelly


Shop Manager:

Eileen Neil


Tel: +44 (0)1624 842144





The Heritage Centre, The Quay


Isle of Man, IM5 1TA

British Isles

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