Professor Jonathan C. Roberts


School of Computer Science,
Bangor University
Dean Street, Bangor
Gwynedd, UK, LL57 1UT

  +44 (0) 1248 382725

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Collaborative projects by Jonathan C. Roberts

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Heritage data

Visual Analytics, Visualization of Heritage Environment records, 3D modelling, Photogrammetry, UAVs, Alternative Representations.

(1) To perform visual analytics of heritage records.
(2) To understand better ways to visualize heritage assets (3d data) in the wild;
(3) To capture heritage data that is vulnerable (e.g., environmental risks, human) and research new capture and analytic techniques. e.g,. use crowd sourcing, and UAVs.
(4) To find better ways to interact with heritage data. Use alternative views; different modal interfaces (touch table), 3d printing etc.

Heritage banner

Current projects:

Maid of Harleck WWII bomber Co-production of lost heritage ( UK Research Council, AHRC, AH/L007916/1. Roberts (PI), Karl (BU), Tiddeman (Aber), Labrosse (Aber), Bateman (GAT), Edwards (MMU).

Maid of Harleck WWII
            bomber Alternative representations of 3d scanned data. Mearman, Roberts. E.g., scanned Maid of Harlech (WWII bomber). Collaboration with Royal Commission, TICHAR (Inst. Aviation History), Liverpool museum.

Archwilio Visual Analytics of Heritage Environment Records Wales (see Archwilo), WAG/KESS Funded. Masters by research student Lee Williams (BU), Roberts (BU), Karl (BU), Bateman (GAT).

Past projects:

Archwilio Modelling, Interpretation and Alternate Representations: Visualization technology, Heritage Buildings Coastal Threats. UK Research Council (AHRC/EPSRC), AH/G015570/1. 2009 (18mth). Collaborators: Roberts, Karl (BU), Tiddeman (Aber), Labrosse, Bateman (GAT).

from old 3d data Alternative views on the lost heritage of Gwynedd. UK Research Council: AHRC, AH/K006401/1. 2010 (12mth) Collaborators: Roberts, Karl (BU), Tiddeman (Aber), Labrosse, Bateman (GAT).

Education, Learning Analytics, and Visualization Theory

Virtual Learning Environments, Learning about Visualization, Interpreting, Virtual Reality, User Experience, Visualization in Virtual Worlds

(1) To help users develop better visualization creation skills
(2) To provide facilities that enable visualization ideation
(3) To develop Learning Analytics tools, that facilitate learning
(4) Investigate theories of visualization

Current Projects:

IVY Banner IVY
evaluation using SUS EVIVA - Evaluating the Education of Interpreters and their Clients through Virtual Learning Activities. EU LLP (531140-LLP-1-2012-1-UK-KA3-KA3MP): Design and implementation of feature enhancements of the IVY Virtual Environment. Development of a bespoke VE prototype using Unity3D. User experience evaluations of alternative VEs used by interpreters, including IVY-VE. You can find more info on EVIVA project on our Bangor and Consortium websites.
FdS Sheets Five Design Sheets (FdS). This methodology helps users sketch and consider how to plan a visual interface. We have used it successfully and continuously over 5 years in teaching Information Visualization (ICP4142) Masters level module, and many undergraduate projects. and other courses. See the crib sheet. Collaboration with Ritsos and Headleand.

Classyfying visual
            representations dendrogram The scope of Visualization designs. Francis Williams, PhD funded by BU. See Classifying Visual Representations.

Past Projects:

IVY - one of the virtual
            classrooms IVY - Interpreting in Virtual Reality. EU LLP (511862-LLP-1-2010-1-UK-KA3-KA3MP): Development of a 3D virtual environment, IVY-VE, that supports the acquisition and application of skills required in interpreter-mediated communication. You can find more info on IVY project on our Bangor and Consortium website.

Display methods - algebraic

Visualization Display Models - ways to classify visual representations.

Beyond the Desktop

Haptics, Information Visualization, Multimodal Visualization, Multisensory perception,

Current Projects

Visualization beyond the
              Desktop I am interesting in moving beyond the desktop, and looking at novel interaction devices for visualization.

(1) see the popular "Visualization beyond the Desktop- the next big thing"
our article published in IEEE Computer
(2) Our short paper "The desktop is dead, long live the desktop! Towards a multisensory desktop for visualization " at the Death of the Desktop workshop IEEE VIS 2014;
(3) Sewn with Ariadne’s Thread – Visualizations for Wearable & Ubiquitous Computing (Ritsos, Mearman, VandeMoere, Roberts)
at the Death of the Desktop workshop IEEE VIS 2014, and
(4) Using all our senses: the need for a Unified theoretical approach to Multi-sensory information visualization at the workshop "The role of Theory in information visualization" VIS 2010.

Past Projects

HITPROTO Haptic Interactions of Data Visualizations. See, "Review of Designs for Haptic Data Visualization". We have built an HDV tool (Haptic Data Visualization) called HITPROTO for rapid prototyping of 3d Haptic Data Visualizations.  Paneels (CEA, LIST, Sensory and Ambient Interfaces Laboratory, France) , Ritsos (Bangor University), Rodgers (University of Kent), Roberts (Bangor University).
Data Sonification: Sonification of spatial data Sonification of spatial data Masters thesis of Tooba Nasir
; Sonfication of Pie Charts - PhD of Keith Franklin (Kent University).

Big Data, Security etc.

Looking at Big datasets, security data,
IVY Banner

Current projects

UKVAC UKVAC - UK Visual Analytics Consortium: Reporting on alternative implementations of hierarchical visualization of the US Flight Data set, design of an experiential learning model for Visual Analytics (VA).

Past Projects:

UKVAC Forensic disk analysis; visual analytics of disk data.

Ocean Science, Flooding and Risk management

Big data in Ocean Sciences; Investigation of sediment transport; Visualization tool; Vinca
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Current projects

UKVAC Visualization for Oceanography Design of evaluation study for the usability assessment of a multiple-view oceanographic visualization system (VINCA). Collaborating with Sch. Ocean Sciences (Bangor). Investigating Alternatives and uncertainty.

Past projects:

FRMRC Flood Risk management consortium Collaboration with Fergus Sinclair of the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography, on the Flood Risk Management Research Consortium project FRMRC Phase 2

Business Liaison, Research Liaison etc.

Develop links with businesses, collaborations,

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Current projects

SAW logo Software Alliance Wales. Technology is rapidly changing the face of business in Wales – thanks to pioneering IT companies drawing on home-grown talent, and businesses across the board finding smart new ways of working. Software Alliance Wales is supporting the next phase of technical growth.

Past projects:

VRLINK The aim of VRLink is to develop a Virtual Reality Special Interest Group; bringing people together to understand and use 3D virtual environments for real world business and knowledge exchange. See