Professor Jonathan C. Roberts


School of Computer Science,
Bangor University
Dean Street, Bangor
Gwynedd, UK, LL57 1UT

  +44 (0) 1248 382725

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Modules that I have taught:
2015        - Current   ICP3036 Computer Graphics 3 - Rendering (20 credit)
2007        - Current   ICP2036 Computer Graphics 2 – Algorithms
2007        - Current   ICP4142 Information Visualization
2007        - 2015       ICP4123 Technologies for Internet Systems
2007        - 2015       ICP3123 Technologies for Internet Systems
2007        - 2011       ICP3099, IED3098, IED3099 Convenor of all 3rd year project modules:
2007        - 2011       ICP4145 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
1999        - 2007       CO612, Computer Graphics and Visualization
1999        - 2007       CO691, Interactive Web Publishing
2000        - 2007       CO620, Final year research-based project supervision, various projects
1999        - 2007       CO600/CO699, Final year group (3+) project supervision
1999        - 2003       CO314, Computers, Software & Systems,
1999        - 2003       CO603, Multimedia Technology & Programming
1999        - 2000       CO607, Text processing and Electronic Publishing
1996        - 1999       AB612 Computer Graphics
1994,95,96  (during PhD) Part-time teaching (C language) to MSc Computing students,
1993         (during PhD)   Part-time teaching (Pascal)

Academic responsibilities


•    Director of Teaching & Learning for School of Computer Science, taking overarching responsibility for Undergraduate and Graduate teaching in the School of Computer Science (since 2008)
•    Sit on University Teaching & Learning Committee
•    Chair Teaching & Learning committee in the School.
•    Course director of modules: ICP2036, ICP3123, ICP4123, ICP4145, ICP4142 (since 2007)
•    Supervise PhD, Masters-by Research, 
•    Sit on four PhD advisory panels, (co-supervisor)
•    Tutor of 32 students (approximately 9 per undergraduate level 4,5,6 and five at MSc (level 7). The tutoring system is mainly for pastoral care rather than student tuition.

I have been involved in all forms and levels of examination (both undergraduate and postgraduate levels), including:
•    Formal written examinations for the end of the year examinations.
•    Continued assessment setting and marking (of various types, from in-seminar tests, to graphics code).
•    Undergraduate project examination (marking the project written work, and viva voce).
•    Assessing modules for approval.

- Senior Examinations Officer for School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (Bangor University)
- Member of Senate Postgraduate Committee that deals with postgraduate qualifications
- Principal Undergraduate Admissions Officer (Kent 2003-2006)
- Convene (directed): CO612 Computer Graphics and Visualization, and CO691 Interactive Web Publishing. Most modules at Kent University were joint-taught.
- On Computer Science School Executive team of the School of Computing Kent.
- Student recruitment in India
- Kent Visualization group organiser
- Computing School research seminar organizer

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